Amateurspalet   Studio - Courses - Exhibition

Society for recreational artists

Daniël Catterwijckstraat 4
2282 HM Rijswijk

Amateurspalet is one of the oldest and largest societies of recreational artists in the Netherlands. It was founded in 1951 and has approximately 250 members, ranging from beginners to semi- professionals.


  • The society offers courses in drawing, painting (different technics) portret-, modeldrawing as well as ceramics.
  • Courses are given each day of the week in the morning, afternoon and evening by experienced, academically trained artists. Instruction consists mainly of individual coaching.
  • Several times a year a renowned artist is invited to comment on the artwork of the members. This is also an opportunity to meet other society members while having a drink together.
  • Every year members of Amateurspalet have the opportunity to exhibit their artwork in the Museum Rijswijk and the public library.
  • Once a year the society organizes an excursion with the possibility to paint “en plein air”.
  • Every month members receive a digital newsletter with information and pictures about the organized activities of the society and interesting exhibitions in the area.

A well equipped art studio in the center of Rijswijk.

Because Amateurspalet is entirely and well organized by members Amateurspalet can offer high quality at low prices.

More information:
Mail preferably via this page to 'Ledenadministratie' or call tel 070-3950 925.

Teachers as well as many members speak English. Please feel free to make an appointment to have a look at the course.